What Is Mild Hyperbaric Wellness?

what is mild hyperbaric therapy
Oxygen (O2) is essential to all bodily functions. It is one of the building blocks for the creation of life and has regenerative effects. Getting the right amount of oxygen into your body is crucial for the recovery and healing process. A way in which one can utilise oxygen for therapeutic and wellness purposes comes in the form of mild hyperbaric wellness or mild HBOT.

What Is Mild Hyperbaric Wellness?

Through the use of a comfortable and non-invasive mild hyperbaric chamber, which is pressured to 1.3 atmosphere. Whilst a person lies in the chamber and just breathes in this high(er) pressure environment, oxygen is delivered to inflamed and injured tissue. It does this because the oxygen molecules, when subjected to pressurisation, reduce in size, giving them the ability to dissolve into and saturate the blood plasma for easy transport around the body and brain, and delivery to cells, particularly those in areas of the body that truly need it.

Who Will Find It Useful?

Mild hyperbarics is fast becoming a trend within personal and home wellness. In addition to many celebrities such as Mark and Danny Whalberg, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, top athletes such as LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Arturo Vidal, and Alexis Sanchez use mild hyperbaric chambers at home to recover quickly from games, helping them to stay in top form for their demanding schedules. This means they can train longer and harder and allows smaller injuries, such as muscle tearing, to not spiral out of control. Looking for the edge, mild hyperbarics is quickly becoming a standard modality in amateur and elite athletes’ daily recovery routine. Mild HBOT is used for other conditions as well. It has been shown as a possible way to help recover from stroke by increasing brain and cell function. Benefits have also been demonstrated for communication as well, especially for children with learning disabilities such as autism. It has been reported that HBOT may improve cerebral and cognitive function as well as reduce oxidative stress markers – all important factors for autism spectrum disorder. The general health benefits of hyperbaric wellness are also of note. Oxygenated blood improves cell function across the body, most notably in the brain where it helps with stress and is a therapeutic alternative or supplement to meditation and mindfulness. The peace you can attain through relaxing peacefully in the chamber is not to be overstressed and is easier and more affordable to attain than ever by purchasing one to use from the comfort of your home. Many families around the world use hyperbaric oxygen wellness in their own homes, whether to help cool off after a run on the treadmill, or to help relax a little before sleep. For general wellness, a hyperbaric chamber is a great addition to your health and fitness toolkit.

The New Wellness Revolution

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