Videos of Mild Hyperbaric Chambers & Hyperbaric Therapy (mild hbot)


Video Gallery

LeBron James uses OxyHealth Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

LeBron James Does OxyHealth Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chamber at Hospital Video

World’s largest HBOT Center in Yanhee International Hospital

Russian President Views OxyHealth Chamber

Russian President Vladimir Putin views OxyHealth chamber

Inside Hyperbaric Chamber Video

Channel 5 – OxyHealth chambers utilized inside mobile medical complexes at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Jenny McCarthy Talks Hyperbarics And Autism On The Ellen Show

Jenny McCarthy talks hyperbarics and autism on the Ellen Show

Hyperbaric Therapy Story Video

A Family’s Story: Home HBOT Saved Our Children’s Lives!

US Open Cadies uses OxyHealth HBOT

OxyHealth chambers help caddies recover at longest U.S. Open in history

Inside Vitaeris 320 Video

Dr. David Dornfeld 1/3: Vitaeris320® Size, Space and Comfort

Safety And Effectiveness Of HBOT Video

Dr. David Dornfeld 2/3: Safety and Effectiveness of HBOT

Studies Prove Effectiveness of HBOT Video

Dr. David Dornfeld 3/3: Studies prove Effectiveness

OxyHealth vs Other Brands Video

Side-by-Side: The Other Brands vs OxyHealth

Know OxyHealth Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Get to know OxyHealth Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

OxyHealth Safety Video

Why is OxyHealth synonymous with Safety?

Assemble OxyHealth HBOT

How to Assemble an OxyHealth Portable Chamber

Fortius420 Steel Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Video

Fortius420® Steel Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Installation of Fortius 420

Fortius420® Steel Chamber Installation

U.S. Open Golf Tournament With OxyHealth

U.S. Open Golf Tournament with OxyHealth

OxyHealth Athlete Recovery Video

FOX Sports – Brendon Ayanbadejo on OxyHealth athlete recovery

HBOT for Anti Aging

FOX 4: Fountain of Youth used by Celebs and Athletes around the World

Hyperbaric Therapy for Athlete Video

Dr. Lester Suntay: Focus Athletics

Kalebs Hyperbaric Treatments Video

ABC News: Kaleb’s Hyperbaric treatments at home

Nancy Cook HBOT Experience Video

TACA leader Nancy Cook shares her experience using OxyHealth

Amir Khan uses HBOT

Boxer Amir Khan uses HBOT at home to prepare for a fight

The videos above illustrate the ease with which OxyHealth™ hyperbaric chambers can be installed and operated by our clients. Our chambers are manufactured in a special way to make the dive process easy and less complicated. Our hyperbaric chambers can be set up to start operating in a fraction of the time required to start traditional hyperbaric chambers.

The Vitaeris320®, widely considered the “Golden Standard” and World’s best selling portable hyperbaric chamber to which all other chambers are compared to, continues to be our Flagship model, the most popular and requested chamber in our product line for both private at home and clinical use. Our chambers are easy to order and set up in a matter of 10-20 minutes, once delivered. OxyHealth™ chambers come with user-friendly features, a detailed assembly video and the clients are required to only read the operating manual in great detail as a part of their training. Consumers can also call OxyHealth™ office at any time for additional assistance feel free to call us at + or email us at info(at)

Our steel hyperbaric chamber, the Fortius420®, can be installed into homes and health facilities in a matter of few hours once the chamber is delivered at the location. The chamber comes with wheels attached to its bottom to facilitate easy movement by just a couple of people. The Fortius420® is one of the few high-pressure steel chambers in the world to gain FDA approval for personal use.

Consumers can contact their customer care agents or sales representatives for any questions or assistance at any time. To learn more about OxyHealth™ hyperbaric chambers call us at + or email us at info(at)

* OxyHealth® is a registered EU trademark of OxyHealth Europe S.L. Solace210®, Respiro270®, Vitaeris320®, Quamvis320® and Fortius420® are federally registered and trademarked names of OxyHealth Corporation. Based on certain applicable EU directives, OxyHealth chambers (except Fortius 420®) are considered non-medical devices in the European Union and the UK.