Solace 210 Vs Respiro 270 – Our Two Entry-Level Hyperbaric Chambers Compared

Putting The Flex In Flexibility

When health-conscious people start looking for supplementary and  complementary wellness treatments to enhance their lifestyles, they often discover hyperbarics but wonder if it’s really something for them. After all, taking up something like jogging or Pilates doesn’t require a lot of extra equipment. But when they start to learn about the wellness benefits associated with mild hyperbarics, they start to dig in, discovering that hyperbarics is something they can take advantage of in their own home, conveniently and on their own schedule… which leads to the big practical questions.

Where Will You Put a Hyperbaric Chamber?

As great as hyperbaric benefits sound, where will the average person set up what they imagine to be a gigantic piece of equipment in their home? Luckily, not all in-home hyperbaric chambers are the same. Some are compact enough to be portable, and small enough that their footprint barely registers in the average home.

The OxyHealth Range: Making a Home For Your Chamber

Of the various types of hyperbaric chambers we provide at OxyHealth, the two most popular entry level units are the Solace 210 and the Respiro 270. Both units are configured for regular, long-term home use, and are suitable for use by the whole family. Both units provide detailed introductions for using hyperbaric therapy for people who are new to home wellness equipment, or who are interested in discovering the benefits for the first time. With a low-entry investment and modest space requirements, both are great choices for people who enjoy hyperbaric dives on an occasional basis – such as following exercise, or as part of a pamper day. What are the main differences between the two models? Which hyperbaric chamber is best for you and your family?

Let’s Take a Look:

Solace 210 – small package, great quality The Solace 210 is our smallest hyperbaric chamber. Built in the USA with medical-grade materials and military-grade engineering, the Solace 210 operates at 1.3 ATA and delivers the full range of hyperbaric therapy benefits – in a small package. With a diameter of just 53 cm (21”) and a lightweight, collapsible frame, the Solace 210 can be conveniently located almost anywhere in the home, and is also the first medical-grade hyperbaric chamber designed for portable home use. The Solace 210 is also our most affordable chamber, with a price tag similar to a hot tub or a sauna. Advantages
  • Inexpensive and compact
  • Easy to set up, assemble and disassemble
  • Suitable for travelling and frequent changes of location
  • Premium performance and quality
  • Includes custom-fitted mattress for increased comfort
  • Five-year warranty
  • The relatively narrow diameter makes the Solace 210 unsuitable for people with larger builds, and for anyone with claustrophobia.
  • The 210 is only designed to accommodate one user at a time, so is not suitable for simultaneous family use.
  Respiro 270 – mid-size, maximum results The Respiro 270 is slightly larger than the Solace 210, with a 68 cm (27”) diameter chamber providing plenty of room for comfort and movement. Like the Solace 210, the Respiro 270 creates a pressurised environment of 1.3 atm, and is a fully functional, premium-grade hyperbaric wellness device. In footprint, the 270 fits somewhere between the small 210 and our larger chambers (such as our flagship Vitaeris 320 model). While still completely portable, the 270 is compact enough to fit comfortably into any home gym, studio, or spa, making the 270 one of the best value hyperbaric chambers for its size and results. Advantages
  • Mid-size unit with the same performance rating as our larger chambers
  • Adaptable to home use in almost any location
  • Wider diameter provides greater freedom of movement and greater sense of space
  • Suitable for larger users or an average adult and small child up to 3-4 years old
  • Easy to disassemble and move
  • Includes a custom contoured mattress for increased luxury and comfort
  • Five-year warranty – including parts and labour
  • Like the 210, the Respiro 270 is only designed for one person at a time or one average adult and small child up to 3-4 years old. If you’d like to use a hyperbaric chamber alongside a partner or child long term, you will need more room in the chamber as your child grows, please consider one of our larger models. The Vitaeris 320, for instance, is large enough for two adult users simultaneously, while still being within the budget of most families.

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At OxyHealth, flexibility is the name of the game. We provide various varieties of hyperbaric chambers to suit different requirements ranging from home to clinical to hospital uses. Your in-home needs will differ from the needs of a wellness centre or a gym, and our aim has always been to meet our customers’ needs exactly where they are to support their sustainable wellness. With a full range of sizes on offer, our chambers are manufactured in the USA using only the highest-quality materials and sustainable construction practices. Each chamber comes with a five-year warranty, is easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance. To learn more about our range of hyperbaric options for enhancing wellness in the comfort of your own home, request a quote, or please get in touch with one of our experienced hyperbaric advisors today.