Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

“our chambers are the most used in the world, because we are the most trusted in the global hyperbaric community”

Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Chamber Side View


The “Flagship” is one of OxyHealth’s™ most recognisable and largest portable hyperbaric chambers. The Vitaeris320®, is the most popular model among health & fitness professionals, professional athletes, celebrities, and families. With 81 cm in diameter it can comfortably accommodate even two adults with the freedom to self-operate at the same time. This portable hyperbaric chamber allows easy movement within the pod and has been manufactured in line with our stringent safety specifications.

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Respiro 270


Our second most popular models offers a perfect combination of comfort and functionality. The Respiro270®, allows you complete freedom of movement. Although the portable design is 68 cm in diameter, it is very comfortable yet small enough to be installed inside any room.

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Solace 210 Top view


Our most portable compact design, the Solace210®, has been produced adhering to our strictest safety standards. It is the most affordable and lightest mild hyperbaric chamber in our product lineup. Its the perfect traveling companion for hyperbaric wellness on the go.

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OxyHealth’s latest and the most inventive design, the Quamvis320®, is often called the “WorkHorse” due to its heavy-duty construction. The chamber’s 81 cm internal diameter provides a large spacious interior and the robust external framework provides a large sturdy support to grab on to when entering and exiting the chamber.

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Our largest and the most adaptable hyperbaric chamber, the Fortius420®, nicknamed “the Submarine”that comfortably accommodates two people, offers users an oversized interior and the freedom to choose from the most commonly used pre-set pressures: 1.3 ATA, 1.5 ATA, 1.75 ATA and 2.0 ATA (optional upgrade capability to 2.2 ATA and 3.0 ATA may be available in certain countries where and if permittable – restrictions apply). The chamber has been specially designed to fit into most commercial and private spaces despite it’s sizable 107 cm internal diameter.

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