Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Our hyperbaric chambers are the most used in the world compared to the combined numbers of all other manufacturers because we are the most trusted in the global hyperbaric community.

Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Chamber Side View


One of OxyHealth’s™ largest portable hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris320®, is the most popular design among physicians, professional athletes, celebrities, and families. The chamber is 81 cm in diameter and can comfortably accommodate two adults to self-treat at the same time. The portable hyperbaric chamber allows easy movement within the compartment and has been manufactured in line with our stringent safety specifications.

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Respiro 270


A perfect combination of comfort and functionality, the Respiro270®, allows the patient complete freedom of movement. Although the portable design is 68 cm in diameter, it is small enough to be installed inside any room.

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Solace 210 Top view


Our most portable design, the Solace210®, has been produced adhering to our strict safety precautions. It is the most the affordable and lightest mild hyperbaric chamber in our product line.

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OxyHealth’s latest and the most inventive design, the Quamvis320®, is the most portable, safe, and soft-walled hyperbaric chamber currently on the market. The chamber’s 81 cm internal diameter and external framework provides a large, spacious interior to the patients making it easy for them to enter and exit the compartment easily.

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Our largest and the most adaptable hyperbaric chamber, the Fortius420®, comes with the capability of treating patients up to 3.0 ATA (29 psi) atmospheric pressure. The chamber has been specially designed to fit in most clinics and offices despite it’s sizable 107 cm internal diameter.

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