How To Improve Athletic Recovery With Hyperbaric Wellness

How To Improve Athletic Recovery With Hyperbaric Therapy
After intense exercise, we tend to reach for a big bottle of ice cold water, fill up a heat pack, or run a warm bath. All of these things help us to relax and unwind after a hard workout, because we’ve just put our body under enormous pressure, and we need to do everything we can to then relieve that pressure. But did you know that one of the most important parts of post-exercise recovery is getting your oxygen levels back to where they should be? This isn’t just to help you breathe a bit easier if you’ve worked your lungs to capacity – healthy oxygen levels also affect your brain, muscles and organs which subsequently effect recovery and performance.

Improve Athletic Recovery

High intensity workouts and training sessions which are routine for professional and even amateur athletes, such as sprinting, stress the muscles and cause them to become de-oxygenated. This then forces your body to work harder to increase blood flow and essentially restore balance to your system. Our hyperbaric chambers are designed to increase your oxygen intake which will then allow your body to naturally absorb and send this extra oxygen directly to your muscles, which could therefore let you recover faster from your workout. This might mean that you don’t feel as sore and fatigued over the next few days, because your muscles have had the support they need to re-oxygenate and recover. It’s important to establish an after-workout routine. While you may want to eat a high protein snack to feed the muscles that you’ve worked and support them in repairing themselves, it’s also vital that you slow down and focus on your breathing. Lying in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be very calming and help to decrease your heart rate and ease your breathing. When your breathing is less stressed, more oxygen is spared and can be delivered to your muscles. Overall, hyperbaric wellness can be relaxing and, in theory, act as a direct support for increased oxygen levels after a hard exercise session.

In The Real World

Some studies also suggest that hyperbaric wellness helps with sports injuries, but don’t just take our word for it – check out this study on hyperbarics in which their abstract reads ‘The potential benefits for sports injuries appear to be a blunting of initial injury’. You can also take a look through our Instagram account to see who of the world’s most famous athletes uses hyperbaric oxygen wellness in their workout recovery routine.

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