How To Age Healthy With Hyperbaric Wellness

Sometimes, it seems as though time is running away from us. The most obvious signs of the years going by seem to be worn on our bodies and faces. Even if we wish to grow older gracefully, there is no shame in wanting to slow the aging process and feel brighter, better, more energetic and even younger. What are the best ways to slow down aging?     The best way to prevent skin ageing? Celebrity fans are said to include Simon Cowell and Jenny McCarthy, known for their age-defying looks. Even Keanu Reeves, renowned for having barely aged a day in decades, is allegedly a fan of the hyperbaric technique! Read on to discover how to prevent skin ageing and wrinkles using this incredible wellness.

How Does Hyperbaric Wellness Work?

This 60-90 minute session gives a higher than usual amount of oxygen to your cells and tissues. When dispatched in a pressurised environment, oxygen can dissolve and fully saturate your plasma, delivering oxygen all over the body and to those hard to reach places with poor blood supply. High oxygen levels are linked to increased good health overall and, when used for ageing, can increase collagen production and reduce skin damage, meaning fewer wrinkles and a higher level of skin elasticity.

How To Prevent Signs Of Aging Naturally

There are many ways to fight the signs of ageing naturally. Simply getting enough sleep can help your skin to appear younger – easing dark circles under your eyes and making you appear fresher. Staying hydrated is very important as it increases the moisture in your skin. Dehydrated skin appears less full and youthful and so keeping your water intake up is an essential step in looking and feeling your best. It is also vitally important to eat a healthy and balanced diet so that you can feel great from the inside out! It’s also important to lead an active lifestyle. Move as much as possible by doing activities you like, such as gardening, walking, jogging, tennis – any movement is better than sitting still, which causes stagnation.

Could Hyperbaric Wellness Be For You?

Hyperbaric wellness is a great choice if you are hoping to increase oxygen levels in your organs and tissues, resulting in a visible anti-aging outcome. Not only that, but the environment itself is relaxing and calming. Many have said they felt so secure and peaceful, and likened it to being in their mother’s womb. Ideal for a self-care treat, you lie in a pressurised chamber and can listen to music, watch a movie, perform meditation through breathing exercises or close your eyes and just take some time for yourself. It is pain-free and non-invasive, without any recovery time. If you want some help in your battle against the signs of aging, while getting a chance to relax in a calming environment, hyperbaric wellness could be the key for you. Contact OxyHealth Europe today to find out more.     Image Source: Pexels