Everything You Need To Know About The Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber

Everything You Need To Know About The Vitaeris320 Hyperbaric Chamber
Whether you’re interested in a home-use hyperbaric chamber to help you relax and calm your nerves or are looking for the next trend to help you gain or maintain your healthy lifestyle, the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber is a great choice of model to choose. It’s a favourite with celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy and is regularly used by the world’s top athletes, including LeBron James. It is also the chamber of choice for thousands of families, because it’s perfect for home use.
From its unique design to its long list of features, this is the comprehensive guide to what the Vitaeris 320 is and what sets it apart from other models and competitors.

Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 Design

The Vitaeris 320 is probably the most recognisable hyperbaric chamber on the market, thanks to its unique eye-catching design and superb safety features. It has a white body covered by a striking blue jacket with red and white stars and stripes décor, highly reminiscent of the American flag, accentuating its American made heritage. This hyperbaric chamber is one of OxyHealth’s largest portable chambers, capable of fitting two adults side-by-side for mild hyperbaric sessions. It has a spacious 81cm diameter interior. Thanks to its size, the Vitaeris 320 is also suitable for helping to calm the worries of children who might not like being in a small space, as an adult can accompany them within the chamber. Many families consider sessions in their chamber as their best un-interrupted quality time, as they have a chance to play games or read, making time in the chamber both beneficial and fun. There are 3 viewing windows, including our famous large top bubble for users of the Vitaeris 320, so families get plenty of natural light while in the chamber.

Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 Features

Widely considered the “Gold Standard” in portable hyperbaric chambers, there are many unique selling points to the Vitaeris 320. Here is a list of the main features offered by the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320:
  • A spacious and comfortable 32 in/81cm inflated diameter interior
  • A double-headed, oil-less 1/3 hp compressor with cooling radiator
  • A High-efficiency inline air filtration system higher than HEPA, filters air to 0.01 microns and ensures a completely dust-free environment
  • Pressure regulators that are tamper-proof to ensure safe circulation of air within the chamber
  • Manufactured using only top-grade, non-toxic components for both users and the environment
  • Double-sided and durable thick yet flexible 44 oz polyurethane bladder
  • The addition of stability bolsters ensures the chamber will not roll over, even with 2 users inside
  • A rigid internal metal frame maintains its structure, even after deflation, and reduces inflation times
  • A comfortable custom mattress that is contoured to fit the interior shape of the chamber
  • A durable carry bag that the chamber can be folded into and stored, or used for traveling

Benefits Of The Oxyhealth Vitaeris Chamber

This is our most popular chamber by far! Users can have quality time inside the chamber, whether reading a book, working on their laptop, or just closing their eyes and getting some rest. After each session, many fans of the Vitaeris report feeling much more rested and calmer – it truly is a very relaxing experience. Lots of people feel happier and find it easier to shake off worries after a mild hyperbaric session, and the knock-on effects this can have are really life-enhancing, such as encouraging users to look after their general health more. You could feel motivated to sleep better, eat healthier, and exercise more frequently with regular mild hyperbaric wellness, and we highly recommend you do all of these things in tandem with hyperbaric use, for best possible results in home wellbeing.

Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 Price

You can request a quote for the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 by simply filling out this form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll get everything you need, including the Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber, the jacket (choice of 2 designs stars & stripes or classic), a carrying bag, internal frame, clean air compressor, mattress, bolster, a 10ft air hose, an installation DVD , operation manual and unlimited lifetime online video support. Also included in the price is our Global 5-year warranty, which is substantially longer than the 1-2 year warranty offered by competitor companies. If you’re considering a home hyperbaric chamber, the OxyHealth Vitaeris 320 may be the right choice for you. Get in touch with us today.