Can Children Use Hyperbaric Chambers?

Families frequently ask a very good question when talking to us about hyperbarics: can children use hyperbaric chambers? Is mild hyperbaric therapy safe for children, and do children experience wellness benefits from time spent using a hyperbaric chamber? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Mild hyperbaric therapy is entirely safe for children in most cases, although, as with any wellness device, a child should be accompanied by an adult and you should use caution and common sense when considering your child’s age, stage of development, personality, and any underlying health conditions. When we discuss the benefits of hyperbarics, we should not ignore the potential benefits for children. While hyperbaric chambers get more of their attention from athletes’ and medical’ use, the continuing story of its development as an everyday wellness solution should consider children as a part of the story, particularly as more families adopt mild hyperbarics as part of their family’s wellness strategy. Naturally the most important things parents and guardians want to know is: are hyperbarics safe for children, and why should children take part in hyperbaric sessions?

Is Hyperbaric Therapy Suitable For All Children?

Most children enjoy hyperbaric therapy, and in some cases there are reported complementary wellness benefits for children. Hyperbarics are suitable for children of any age (from age two onward), as long as they are old enough to sit or lie calmly in the chamber. Hyperbaric therapy is not recommended for babies and toddlers under two years old, or for children with respiratory conditions, lung disorders, severe claustrophobia, or separation anxiety. If you plan to use a hyperbaric chamber with young children, or a child with physical disabilities, we recommend purchasing a device large enough to accommodate two people simultaneously, such as our Vitaeris 320 or Quamvis 320 models. Older children may be able to enjoy hyperbaric therapy in a chamber on their own, however consult the user manual of each chamber for more details.

What Is Mild Hyperbaric Therapy?

Mild hyperbaric therapy is intended for non-medical wellness use, and compresses air to a pressure of 1.3 to 1.5 atm. The term mild hyperbaric is used to distinguish this type of chamber and therapy from the medical devices used in some hospitals, which operate at pressures of 2.0-3.0 ATA. Our hyperbaric chambers are all configured for mild hyperbaric therapy, and are intended to be used to promote wellness and relaxation. There are a wide range of reported general wellness benefits associated with hyperbaric therapy, but it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for prescribed medical treatments.

What Are The Benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy For Children?

There are many proven benefits of mild hyperbaric therapy for children or adults. What can also be stated is that hyperbaric chambers help to reduce sensory overstimulation for users of all ages, as these chambers are essentially sensory deprivation environments. The benefits of sensory overstimulation include a reduction in anxiety and a greater ability to focus, both of which can certainly benefit all users. This includes children who struggle from everyday stress and anxiety, such as the social pressures of attending school to bigger issues, such as attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or communication difficulties. Children have been reported to specifically benefit from hyperbarics in the following ways:
  • Potential benefit for children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), autism or difficulty communicating – a hyperbaric chamber is a sensory deprivation environment, so may help children that find difficulty with overstimulation or anxiety
  • A greater ability to cope with social and school pressures
  • Relaxation and better-quality sleep
  • Greater levels of energy and concentration
  • Potential relief from the symptoms of growing pains
  • A greater sense of calmness and reduced hyperactivity

Why Choose OxyHealth?

OxyHealth is the world’s largest producer of home wellness hyperbaric devices. We offer a range of models of hyperbaric chamber, varying in size and output, for medical and home use, but each one is made to exacting medical-grade standards in the USA. Our Solace 210, Respiro 270, and Vitaeris 320 models are our most popular chambers for home use. These are affordably priced (equivalent to a small car) and are compact enough to fit comfortably in most homes. Once installed, your chamber has few maintenance requirements and is easy to keep clean. It can quickly be disassembled, placed in its traveling bag and moved if necessary. All our chambers come with a comprehensive five-year warranty. In other words, it is versatile, safe, and accessibility is easily within reach. Most importantly, the OxyHealth range of hyperbaric chambers, with its flexible sizing, enables greater wellness for the entire family. The larger-sized Vitaeris 320 chamber offer the opportunity for two people (a parent and child) to enjoy the relaxation and deep breathing of the chamber together, ensuring that smaller children especially feel safe and calm. OxyHealth offers a hyperbaric solution for everyone, meaning that the entire family can benefit. If you’d like to discuss the potential benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy for children with a member of our team, or find out more about purchasing a chamber for your family home, please get in touch with one of our hyperbaric advisors today.