How To Reduce Stress and Relieve Pressure During The Pandemic

Alongside the Covid-19 pandemic is a parallel outbreak of stress, anxiety, and mental health pressures. This is too often brushed under the carpet when talking about the effects of Covid-19 and the actions needed to combat it, but anxiety, stress and depression can have serious negative effects on people’s well-being if left unaddressed. In the absence of the usual activities people engage in to relieve pressure and relax, what practical steps can you take to maintain and improve your mood? Continue reading “How To Reduce Stress and Relieve Pressure During The Pandemic”

Why You Should Consider Investing In a Hyperbaric Chamber For Your Sports Club

Amateur and professional athletes, and even the average person, are always looking for a leg up in improving their performance and seeing the results of their efforts faster. While there’s no way to guarantee faster or better results, there are solutions for boosting general wellness while offering the benefits of increasing the efficiency of oxygen in the body. 

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Can Children Use Hyperbaric Chambers?

Families frequently ask a very good question when talking to us about hyperbarics: can children use hyperbaric chambers? Is mild hyperbaric therapy safe for children, and do children experience wellness benefits from time spent using a hyperbaric chamber? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Mild hyperbaric therapy is entirely safe for children in most cases, although, as with any wellness device, a child should be accompanied by an adult and you should use caution and common sense when considering your child’s age, stage of development, personality, and any underlying health conditions. Continue reading “Can Children Use Hyperbaric Chambers?”

Create Your Ultimate Home Wellness – Every Day

If you haven’t heard of OxyHealth hyperbaric wellness chambers before, it is only a matter of time before you do. In this article, we’ll share some of the background on how and why hyperbaric wellness works, including some of the reasons elite athletes and Hollywood actors and actresses swear by it. Continue reading “Create Your Ultimate Home Wellness – Every Day”

Are Hyperbaric Chambers Safe?

Are hyperbaric chambers safe? We get this question all the time, and the short answer is yes. There are very few known complications arising from mild hyperbaric therapy, and the risk level is approximately the same as using a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, and far lower than that associated with sunbeds. In short, hyperbaric chambers should be used consciously, with a full awareness of the potential risks and benefits, but without undue concern. Continue reading “Are Hyperbaric Chambers Safe?”

Hyperbaric Wellness: FAQ

No matter how much information you consume, or we produce, or that the medical and wellness industries publish, it’s never quite possible to cover every question. And when it comes to the benefits of hyperbaric wellness, what’s involved in taking hyperbaric treatment — both technically and in terms of time and cost investment, and what to expect during a hyperbaric session — among other things — there’s a lot of information, much of it confusing and pointing users in different directions.

Hopefully with this deep dive into hyperbaric wellness, your burning questions (and other frequently asked questions about hyperbaric treatment) will be covered.

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Achieving Hyperbaric Wellness: How to Reap the Benefits

Hyperbaric wellness is achieving mainstream status, particularly as use by world-class athletes is revealed. As athletes at the peak of their physical abilities endorse the wellness benefits of a treatment, such as hyperbarics, it’s worth taking a deeper look to find out what it does and what benefits it provides.

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How to Choose the Right Hyperbaric Chamber

The first steps on the journey to reaping the benefits of hyperbaric wellness involve understanding what your needs are. Assuming the wellness benefits and the availability of hyperbaric solutions for personal, in-home or small clinic use are well-understood, what are the next, more practical steps?

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What is the Fastest Way to Recover After a Hard Workout?

What is the Fastest Way to Recover After a Hard Workout The old saying; “the mind is willing but the flesh is weak”, is never more true when it comes to recovery after a hard workout. With positive endorphins surging through their system, many athletes are keen to hit the gym, track, or training field as soon as possible after a successful training session. However, for sustained training results and to avoid the risk of injury, adequate recovery time is essential. What are the best and fastest ways to recover after strenuous exercise, to improve results and decrease time between sessions? Here are a few ideas: Continue reading “What is the Fastest Way to Recover After a Hard Workout?”