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Reviews & Testimonials

Arvydas Beleckas

“After obtaining HBOT treatments in an OxyHealth chamber in a rehabilitation center, and having studies scientific articles on its many benefits, we decided to purchase a Vitaeris320® chamber system. We are impressed with the immediate, responsive and impeccable level of service we received and see OxyHealth Europe as a reliable partner for of different sizes of portable HBO chambers.”

Arvydas Beleckas ‎Head of Medical Department UAB SK Impex, Vilnius, Lithuania
Marina Staudacher

“At age 3 my son was diagnosed with moderately-severe Early Infantile Autism. I learned about OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chambers online, that are used by leading doctors in the U.S.A. After undergoing sessions with my son in a Vitaeris320®, I bought the same chamber that our Doctor was using in the clinic. In this chamber the parent is inside together with the child. This is very important. I did not even consider any other chamber options because I trust my Doctor’s opinion very much, being a leading Autism expert. Our “OxyHealth” Hyperbaric Chamber fully justified its cost by 200% and exceeded our expectations. We used it for nearly 3 years at home and I now have three OxyHealth Vitaeris 320® and Quamvis320® chambers in my clinic.”

Marina Staudacher ‎Neuro-Bio Feedback, Child Autism Specialization Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
Sitapha Savane

“I’ve used an OxyHealth chamber for the last 7 years. It has been by far the Best Buy I’ve made to help my career. Easy to use, durable and very concrete result. I wouldn’t still be playing pain-free at a high level at age 39 without it.”

Sitapha Savané ‎Pro Basketball Player CB Estudiantes, Madrid
Uroš Šparo and his son

“My son (9 years old) in the beginning had a little concern with pressure in the ears when the chamber is inflating, but after few times is OK now. Now, he loves to get inside without any problem. The buying process was so easy and with no-stress at all! Excellent installation and operation guidance. Michael, thank you and your team in OxyHealth Europe for the Respiro270®.”

Uroš Šparo. ‎Accountant Žabnica, Slovania
Aghila and Mira

“We bought our “OxyHealth” Vitaeris320® chamber in 2016. I had learned about OxyHealth from different websites. I had doubts about my ability to use the Chamber, because I have claustrophobia. The reason for buying it was the autism of Mira, my 3 year-old daughter. The deciding factors were online reviews from other parents of children with autism, who wrote about the reliability of the manufacturer. The chamber is comfortable an easy to use, even for people like me who have claustrophobia. I bought the Chamber through Michael from “OxyHealth Europe”. His recommendations and very quick responses gave me the confidence to proceed with quite an expensive purchase. I trusted him and my daughter and I were not disappointed.”

Aghila Hill ‎B.M. Global Wealth Management Zurich, Switzerland

“I have been using my Solace210® Hyperbaric Chamber almost a year now and can’t begin to tell you the benefits for my grandchildren and me in life, work and travel. Felt positive changes from day one. I am very, very happy with my chamber and its operation is very easy. Thank you very much for such service, attention and babysitting me until I had the Chamber fully operational and was comfortable using it. I highly recommend OxyHealth Europe and their chambers to anyone!”

Laura P. ‎Mexico City, Mexico

“We have been using an OxyHealth Vitaeris320® at home since 2004. As far as our experience is concerned, the chamber has been easy to use and OxyHealth service has always been quick and reliable. Therefore, we have recently decided to buy a new generation Vitaeris320® from Michael from OxyHealth Europe.”

Francesco P. ‎Treviso, Italy

* OxyHealth® is a registered EU trademark of OxyHealth Europe S.L. Solace210®, Respiro270®, Vitaeris320®, Quamvis320® and Fortius420® are federally registered and trademarked names of OxyHealth Corporation. Based on certain applicable EU directives, OxyHealth chambers (except Fortius 420®) are considered non-medical devices in the European Union and the UK.