Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of Mild Hyperbaric Wellness

Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of Mild Hyperbaric Therapy
Hyperbaric wellness is a way of getting more oxygen into your body from the comfort of your own home. Simply put, you lie in a large, comfortable hyperbaric chamber, just relax and breathe normally – and your oxygen levels will increase. It’s a great way to give the body a clean and oxygen-rich environment in which to promote wellness, healing and good health. Read on to find out more…

Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits

Every cell in your body needs oxygen – and not just oxygen, but the right level of it. Low levels of oxygen are linked to many conditions and is generally known to cause discomfort, low energy, slower healing, decreased concentration, impaired immune function and general unwellness, so it’s vital to maintain your oxygen levels and keep them at a healthy place. Hyperbaric chambers are comfortable and non-invasive; they are spacious enough to lie in and provide a bubble window at face level so you can still see outside, which is helpful for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Other Uses Of Hyperbaric Wellness

The uses of hyperbaric wellness don’t just stop here – there are countless studies suggesting that mild HBOT can help support the body in multiple areas. Even a short time without oxygen can cause irreversible damage to the body and especially to the brain as often seen with people suffering a near-drowning experience. Therefore, supporting your body’s oxygen levels should be a top priority, alongside making sure to get enough sleep every night, eating a nutritious diet, physical activity, and maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. These things in combination could give you a much better chance of staying healthy both now and in the long term. Because hyperbaric wellness increases your direct oxygen levels, thereby allowing your body to send extra oxygen to all its cells, mild hyperbaric wellness could be connected to increased brain function. This is supported in various studies, and other studies have produced evidence suggesting that mild hyperbaric wellness can also help in wound healing, post-workout recovery, and general detoxification. Increased oxygen has also been linked to anti-ageing and a calmer demeanour – look younger and feel happier!

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Mild hyperbarics are non-medical devices (UK &EU) that you can safely use at home, at your own convenience, whether for relaxation, post-workout recovery, general wellness or simple increasing your oxygen levels. To find out more about the recommended uses of our hyperbaric chambers, please get in touch with us today and we’ll connect you with a trained expert who can tell you everything.
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