Hyperbaric Wellness: FAQ

No matter how much information you consume, or we produce, or that the medical and wellness industries publish, it’s never quite possible to cover every question. And when it comes to the benefits of hyperbaric wellness, what’s involved in taking hyperbaric treatment — both technically and in terms of time and cost investment, and what to expect during a hyperbaric session — among other things — there’s a lot of information, much of it confusing and pointing users in different directions.

Hopefully with this deep dive into hyperbaric wellness, your burning questions (and other frequently asked questions about hyperbaric treatment) will be covered.

Who is hyperbaric treatment for?

Virtually anyone can engage in hyperbaric sessions to benefit their general health and wellness. It’s a low-risk, safe practice for people of all ages. As with all new physical activities or regimes, consulting your physician for a general health checkup to ensure fitness for the activity you’re going to do is a good idea.

Who shouldn’t use hyperbaric treatment?

Although hyperbaric solutions are safe, they are not necessarily safe or recommended for everyone.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is contraindicated for those who:

  • Have certain type of lung disease or a collapsed lung
  • Have a cold or fever
  • Have had recent ear surgery, injury or problems
  • Suffer from claustrophobia or fear/panic within small, confined spaces
  • Are pregnant

Who uses hyperbaric treatment today?

Outside the medical uses of hyperbaric treatment, there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world using selective, private hyperbaric solutions in their homes and in clinics, spas and fitness centers. It has become an integral part of many wellness regimes.

Some OxyHealth-specific proof points:

  • 3,400+ physicians, hospitals, clinics, spas, gyms, biohacking labs, governments, military, royalty, Hollywood celebrities and entertainers.
  • 10,000+ Individuals & Families at home.
  • 1,000+ Olympic, Pro & Amature athletes: FIFA, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, NBA, ACB, NFL, MLB, PGA and MMA:

Current OxyHealth customers include elite athletes from clubs including: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern München, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter-Milan, Firenze, Bologna, SD Eibar, LA Lakers, Crystal Palace, Sevilla, FC Barcelona Lassa, Basconia, and more.

Can hyperbaric sessions be managed alone?

While having someone around to help manage the hyperbaric chamber from the outside might be handy, OxyHealth chambers have been created for convenience and single-person operation and use. All models are built to ensure that the user can easily open, close, inflate and deflate the chamber on their own. No outside assistance is required, and full operations are controlled from inside the chamber.

What is hyperbaric wellness?

Long used in traditional clinical settings for a variety of medical conditions, hyperbaric wellness has extended into do-it-yourself territory with personal, portable hyperbaric chambers that allow individuals to improve their overall well-being and wellness by increasing oxygen to their blood and tissues.

How does hyperbarics work?

Hyperbarics is a technology that increases air pressure in a specific environment. When the human body exists within an environment with greater air pressure, the body absorbs more oxygen molecules per volume of compressed air. As the air pressure goes up, oxygen is driven into the body’s fluids, allowing for super-saturation. The increased pressure infuses the entire body with oxygen, potentially even reaching areas that have damaged circulation.

What is the difference between mild hyperbarics and high-pressure hyperbarics?

The difference in mild and high-pressure hyperbarics is the level of pressure the user is exposed to. The pressure protocol for mild hyperbarics is usually up to 1.3 ATA or 4 psi. High-pressure hyperbarics involves pressures above 1.5 ATA. Different hyperbaric chambers available on the market can offer these different pressure levels.

Is hyperbarics safe?

Hyperbarics has a very good safety record, and hyperbaric wellness is extremely safe for users of all kinds. Many users experience nothing more than mild ear discomfort with use of mild hyperbarics. Anyone who has felt mild ear discomfort or pressure when ascending or descending in altitude, as on an airplane at take-off and landing, will know these sensations well.

Is a hyperbaric chamber safe for use?

Hyperbaric wellness is extremely safe, although individuals with certain conditions should not engage in hyperbaric sessions. See “Who shouldn’t use hyperbaric treatment”.

Because the chamber is pressurized, individuals cannot simply open the chamber at will. The chamber must be depressurized before a user can open and exit the chamber. While this is perfectly safe, it should be noted for individuals who may struggle with being inside a confined space without an immediate “escape hatch”.

Note that portable hyperbaric chambers should not be exposed to naked flame or cigarettes or similar items. Traditional, stationary hyperbaric chambers make use of 100% pure pressurized oxygen, which is extremely flammable. This is not the case with portable hyperbaric chambers, but it is still important to keep flames away from the chamber.

What does being in a hyperbaric chamber feel like? Are there side effects?

A hyperbaric chamber is pressurized, meaning that it won’t likely feel like much of anything for a typical individual user. It should be comfortable, and the user should wear comfortable clothing.

The likeliest (typical) side effect is that pressure may cause some discomfort in the ears, much like when flying or when diving underwater (due to pressure changes at take-off and landing). The typical way to relieve ear discomfort is to yawn or inhale, and then gently exhale while holding the nostrils closed and the mouth shut.

When should I use hyperbaric wellness options?

One of the key use cases for non-medical hyperbaric application is for high-performance athletes looking for reduced recovery time after athletic exertion or endurance. Most people, though, athletes or not, can realize a renewed sense of well-being by turning to hyperbaric wellness.

A number of other conditions may be improved with hyperbaric oxygen exposure, and benefits can include everything from better circulation, increased antibacterial activity and faster healing and recovery to clearer mental focus and alertness, improved mood and better sleep. Benefits vary person to person, but most users report positive changes in how they feel.

As for how soon you can get started, the time is now. It’s up to you, at your convenience. Once you select a hyperbaric chamber model and get it delivered and set up, you’re in charge of when you use it.

Where can I get and use my own hyperbaric wellness solutions?

Since you’re here reading this, you probably already know that it’s easier than ever to get your own portable, [high-quality hyperbaric chamber for in-home/on-the-go use. It’s easy to consult with experts about your specific needs and goals, and select the right model of in-home hyperbaric chamber for you and the whole family to use.

The question is more about mechanics at this point: how portable do you need the chamber to be, i.e. will you keep it in one place in your home or office or will you travel with it? Will more than one person use the chamber, in which case, maybe you need a bigger chamber than you thought, etc.

OxyHealth is here to help you choose the right hyperbaric chamber to build sustainable wellness.

Which OxyHealth chamber is right for me?

Determining which OxyHealth model may be right for you is what we do best…well…other than building lab-grade chambers of course. Generally, for any hyperbaric solution, consider the following questions:

  • Do your intended users have health conditions? Any that might contraindicate use of a hyperbaric chamber?
  • Who will use the chamber? If there will be children, how old are they?
  • Will users have mobility problems or require more space?
  • How many users will be in the chamber at the same time?
  • Will your chamber be used for in-home/private sessions or as part of your clinic/fitness/spa/other business, i.e. in a commercial setting?

The OxyHealth team can help you answer these questions and determine your needs in order to select the best OxyHealth chamber for you.

How much will a portal hyperbaric chamber cost?

Prices for the different hyperbaric chamber models vary. We are happy to discuss your budget to discover how it can work for you as you invest in your well-being.

Why OxyHealth for hyperbaric wellness?

OxyHealth exists to help you build sustainable wellness, which means we’re in it for the long haul. We have been delivering on the promise of hyperbaric wellness for nearly a quarter of a century, so we have the track record, longevity and experience that make us a trusted partner to medical professionals, fitness and wellness centers, elite athletes and thousands of families all over the world.

We offer end-to-end consultation and support, so whether you’re looking for general information on the wellness benefits of hyperbaric oxygen driven approaches to well-being or need practical advice on the chamber you should invest in, or need hands-on guidance for installation or troubleshooting, the OxyHealth team of professionals is with you every step of the way.

What makes OxyHealth chambers different?

All materials and every process, including engineering, sourcing of material, non-toxicity levels, manufacturing, rigorous quality control, pre-delivery testing, safety, support and post-sale service are all done with one thought in mind: your safety and well-being.

OxyHealth offers a 5-year full parts and labor manufacturers’ warranty with every chamber we deliver. All our chambers are made in the U.S.A. to the highest standards, and our commitment to safety, reliability and support are key reasons why more medical professionals globally choose the OxyHealth brand.

Find your wellness sweet spot from a range of safe, high-quality, easy-to-operate hyperbaric chambers and discover the future of self-driven hyperbaric wellness.