Create Your Ultimate Home Wellness – Every Day

If you haven’t heard of OxyHealth hyperbaric wellness chambers before, it is only a matter of time before you do. In this article, we’ll share some of the background on how and why hyperbaric wellness works, including some of the reasons elite athletes and Hollywood actors and actresses swear by it. But one of the most important aspects of learning about hyperbaric wellness is understanding that it’s actually something for everyone. It’s accessible, safe, and a practice anyone can incorporate to add a little something extra to their home wellness routine.

Living and Breathing Your Best Life

Oxygen is at the heart of our ability to survive. But beyond its life-sustaining qualities, oxygen has the power to improve many aspects of our lives, and yet the act of breathing is one of the fundamental things we often forget to do in our daily lives. The ultimate in-home wellness begins with breathing your way to your best life: meaning being conscious of your breathing and how you breathe. But also taking quality time to focus on how oxygen enters your body and what it does when it gets there. Hyperbaric wellness is a non-invasive way to relax and get the benefits of increased oxygen in your blood. Let’s find out more about how it works.

How Does Hyperbaric Wellness Work?

The goal of hyperbarics is very simple – it aims to increase the amount of oxygen your boby absorbs, and the benefits that flow from this. The more oxygen that reaches your organs and tissues, including your skin, muscles and your brain, the healthier these organs are and the better they function. Other reported benefits of increased oxygenation include faster recovery from illness, improved memory, and reduced skin damage after UV exposure. The way this is achieved is disarmingly straightforward. A hyperbaric chamber is an enclosed space, in which filtered room air (with an oxygen content of approximately 21%), is mildly pressurised to about 1.3 times normal atmospheric pressure. This is equivalent to taking a dive 3 m under sea level – hence many celebrity users referring to hyperbaric therapy as a hyperbaric dive. The purpose of pressurisation is to enable increase oxygen molecules absorption to saturate your bloodstream (plasma), so instead of just four oxygen molecules attaching to each red blood cell, the oxygen molecules are able to penetrate the blood plasma as well. This allows greater amounts of oxygen to travel to areas of the body that aren’t always reached, in a quicker amount of time.

Starstruck: Why are Hyperbaric Solutions So Popular With Actors, Athletes, and The Elite?

Popular among leading athletes as a means of increasing motivation, speeding recovery time, and improving sports performance (famous users include LeBron James and Neymar Jr, Dave Asprey among many others), hyperbarics have become elite athletes’, Biohacker’s and Hollywood’s best-kept secret. The reason A-list Hollywood celebrities love hyperbaric sessions is the effect of increased oxygen flow on the skin. After you’ve had a hot bath, a facial, or a hard workout, you may notice your skin looking fuller and plumper than usual. This is because your heart is sending more blood (and the oxygen it carries) to the capillaries of your skin, to cool it down, repair damage, and reduce inflammation. Mild hyperbaric therapy has exactly the same effect, with reported cumulative benefits in terms of faster skin repair, better retention of collagen, and improved skin tone. Describing the A-listers who use hyperbarics makes it seem as though it’s well out of reach for average people. But that’s the point: it isn’t. In-home hyperbaric chambers, available in a range of sizes and affordably priced, let you access all the benefits for yourself in the comfort of your home – every day.

The Must-Have Home Wellness Device For 2021

Traditional hyperbaric chambers are large, expensive and power hungry, and often require their own room. This limits them to premium gyms, therapy centres, and the mansions of multimillionaires. However, recent advances in hyperbaric technology have enabled smaller, more lightweight and affordable devices, with a footprint suitable to homes and home gyms. In many modest, middle-class family homes, home hyperbaric chambers can be found alongside Jacuzzis, saunas, massage chairs, and other wellness devices to support sustainable wellness.

Experience The Wellness Benefits of Hyperbarics

Hyperbaric therapy can help people relax and feel good about themselves – and many people experience increased feelings of wellness and positivity. No wonder, then, that home hyperbaric chambers are a growing lifestyle trend for people who are serious about wellness and relaxation in the home. Treat yourself to one of our mild hyperbaric chambers and enjoy a home wellness day – or many – like you’ve never experienced before. OxyHealth is the world’s largest producer of mild hyperbaric devices – that is, the non-medical chambers intended for home use – used by thousands of people around the world. To find out more about the different types of chambers in our range, and to discuss the wellness benefits in more detail, please get in touch with a member of our advisory team today.