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The future of self-driven wellness

Wellness is priceless at any stage of life, and investing in the fundamentals — like oxygen — creates the ideal conditions for making the most of your health and life. Join the hyperbaric wellness movement and learn more about safe, accessible ways to optimize your health.

How does hyperbaric wellness work? Hyperbaric wellness uses a pressurised chamber environment in which a user relaxes and passively, just by breathing as normal, enables the body to absorb more oxygen. This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood in a non-invasive therapeutic form.

neymar with oxyhealth chamber
“Neymar Jr. has been using the Hyperbaric Chamber, an oxygen treatment adopted by football clubs and athletes of various modalities to accelerate muscle recovery process.” – NR Sports /*

More than just a trend or fad, hyperbaric experience is the future of do-it-yourself wellness.

Delivering more oxygen can naturally boost how your body feels and repairs. The kinds of benefits hyperbaric wellness can provide include

improved oxygen delivery to your organs

swelling reduction

speedier recovery after athletic exertion

performance enhancement

Take advantage of the OxyHealth® hyperbaric wellness benefits



Fully portable hyperbaric chambers of different sizes offer flexibility and mobility

Cutting-edge innovation

The future of self-directed wellness, OxyHealth® hyperbaric chambers employ the most cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

High-quality workmanship

Engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and extensive testing are the result of highly qualified workmanship, made in the USA to exacting standards.

Quamvis Pressure Gauge

Five-year warranty

A five-year full parts & labour manufacturers warranty is included with every OxyHealth® hyperbaric chamber.

No outside help required

All our chamber models are engineered in a way that you can operate them from the inside. You are Always in full control of the chamber from the inside.


Assembly is easy plug-and-play, guided by a detailed step-by-step video and the chamber is ready to use in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

End-to-end customer care

Unlimited lifetime support and customer care give you peace of mind. OxyHealth® is with you every step of the way with live human support.

Join the hyperbaric revolution: Portable, Powerful, Popular

Tap into the next generation of wellness-lifestyle enhancements with the most basic element of all: oxygen. With hyperbaric therapy (also known as HBOT), you can enhance your well-being and start seeing changes in how you feel. And with OxyHealth® portable hyperbaric chambers, starting from £6,500*, it’s never been easier to get started — when and where it’s convenient for you.


The top-of-the-line, flagship hyperbaric-wellness product in the OxyHealth® portable range, Vitaeris320® is the next big trend in wellness. For professional or personal use, this portable hyperbaric chamber is the top choice for wellness labs and fitness centres, for individual health-conscious athletes, professionals and families at home. Safe, easy to use and large enough to accommodate even two adults comfortably, the Vitaeris 320® is the most popular OxyHealth® chamber for achieving high-performance life transformations.


Built to offer a balance of function and comfort, the mid-size Respiro270® portable hyperbaric chamber is compact enough for easy in-home use while delivering maximum wellness results. Flexible enough to match the needs of people who are thinking about their future-oriented well-being and longevity yet practical enough for everyday use. OxyHealth’s mid-level hyperbaric chamber is perfect for amplifying sustainable well-being.

Respiro Hyperbaric Chamber Angled View
Solace Angled View


The most compact, lightest portable hyperbaric chamber in the OxyHealth® range, Solace210® delivers safe, sustainable wellness on-the-go. Affordable and flexible, Solace210® puts rebuilding well-being from the ground up within reach. Let OxyHealth’s lightest-footprint hyperbaric chamber help you embrace slowing down to improve how you feel without breaking the bank.

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