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OxyHealth™ Mission

We are committed to delivering the most trusted and safest hyperbaric chambers in the world.

OxyHealth™ is the leading Global provider of hyperbaric chambers with more than 15,000 chambers provided all over the World. A pioneer in the industry, having delivered more chambers than the efforts of all other manufacturers combined. OxyHealth™ continues to remain at the forefront of the global hyperbaric market with its superior built quality, performance, and adoption of cutting-edge technology exceeding/meeting safety standards.

OxyHealth™ is devoted to maintaining the safety, welfare and well-being of all who use our chambers for wellness. To maintain our unequaled safety record, OxyHealth™ team of engineers have over-build and rigorously examine every chamber in our product line to the highest quality control safety standards. OxyHealth™ deeply cares for all our clients and is sensitive to the investment they make in their wellbeing by purchasing our chambers. We provide personalized bespoke care to each of our customer’ correspondence and strive to remain the best and most reliable hyperbaric chamber provider in the industry, worldwide.

We are humbled to include Royalty, governments, military/special forces, hospitals, clinics, health professionals, sports teams, pro & amateur athletes, fitness clubs, gyms, spas, bio-hackers, beauty saloons, labs, celebrities and private families home users among our clients alike. By using our hyperbaric chambers, more than 1,000 FIFA, UEFA Europa League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, France Ligue 1, NFL, PGA, NBA, MMA, and Olympic teams and athletes along with their medical & training staff have already entrusted their wellness and livelihood to OxyHealth™ hyperbaric chambers.

Over 3,000 professors, health professionals, clinicians, bio-hackers, rehabilitation and performance specialists all over the world are providing hundreds of thousands of their clients millions of hyperbaric sessions every year using OxyHealth™ hyperbaric Chambers. As a result of our dedicated and ongoing commitment to the safety and wellness, OxyHealth™ is the first choice of more health professionals than any other chamber manufacturer in the world.

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